Sweet Peppers and Chorizo Paleo Breakfast Hash

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Yam, Apple & Kale Paleo Skillet Breakfast

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Lazy Man’s Southwest Breakfast

I’m lucky to have a hubby who can throw together some simple and tasty paleo meals for the two of us when I get a little burned out from all the cooking. Read more

Paleo Spinach & Pancetta Frittata

One of my favorite things to make for a weekend breakfast is a quick and easy paleo frittata…one pan, some leftover veggies, crack a few eggs, and you’re done. Read more

Paleo Eggs Benedict

Here’s a big, bodacious, brunch idea for you that’s uber sophisticated but surprisingly simple…eggs benedict paleo-style, piled high with hearty flavors and dripping with silky hollandaise sauce. Read more