Simple Paleo Strawberry Crêpes

Here’s an easy paleo recipe for an elegant breakfast or fancy dessert – crêpes with strawberry filling!  All paleo and so good!  Read more

Spicy Shredded Beef Salad

Here’s one of the cool things about leftovers: Lots of times you can re-make them into a tasty new dish – like this awesome paleo shredded beef salad!  Read more

Slow-Cooked Spicy Shredded Beef Soft Tacos

I’ve waited long enough…I say it’s officially slow cooker season here in the States! Time to drag those old Rival crock pots or fancy slow cookers out from the back shelves and get busy making some of the easiest and tastiest paleo family meals ever!  Read more

Plan Ahead for Easy Grab-N-Go Paleo Meals

We all want fast and easy paleo meals…but that usually takes some planning. This weekend I made a stack of paleo tortillas along with a skillet full of breakfast hash from leftovers (sweet potatoes, ground turkey sausage, onions, and some eggs) and then Tupperware’d everything. So before heading off to work this morning, I made a healthy breakfast burrito in a flash! Plan ahead and save yourself hassle and time…a little Monday morning tip for you from Paleo Newbie!

My First Video – How To Make A Paleo Tortilla

Well one thing’s for certain after my first appearance in front of the camera – Rachael Ray’s TV job is safe. At least for now… Read more