Easy Paleo Peach Smoothie

Ideal for everything from an on-the-go breakfast to a healthy summer sipper poolside, this easy peach smoothie recipe puts the taste of super-chilled fresh-baked peach pie in your glass! Read more

Easy & Creamy Paleo Chicken Curry

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Paleo Coffee & Chocolate Chip Non-Dairy Ice Cream

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Paleo Spinach & Pancetta Frittata

One of my favorite things to make for a weekend breakfast is a quick and easy paleo frittata…one pan, some leftover veggies, crack a few eggs, and you’re done. Read more

Healthy Fried Chicken – New Twist on My Old Paleo Recipe

I just want to share with you a faster way to cook moist and delicious paleo chicken strips – this time frying them instead of baking them. Read more