Paleo Mudflat Brownies – Enhanced Recipe Plus New “Chocolate Chili” Spice Option

I discovered a better way to create this popular paleo brownie recipe I think you’re really going to like.

Getting the dates in the Paleo Mudflat Brownie recipe to purée correctly has been a challenge for some people.

So to fix that, I now have you combine the dates with some of liquid ingredients in the recipe to make it much easier to blend.

And another helpful tip – using creamy almond butter will also give you a smoother blend.

Plus there’s a really cool (make that hot!) option you now have in the recipe – if you’re brave enough to try it. [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-15ks0gk’]

I recently bought some organic spices from the Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont…and discovered I really love their “Chocolate Chili” spice. It really brings out the chocolatey goodness in these brownies – and gives each bite a nice little kick. Try it if you dare…but I suggest you add only 2 teaspoons of the stuff to start with and taste the mixture. Add another teaspoon of the Chocolate Chili if you want these fire-alarm hot.

I’ve included our link to the Chocolate Chili spice here if you want to check it out: [asa]B0063J1L1Y[/asa]


Check out the newly updated Paleo Mudflat Brownie Recipe – click the button below:

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