Paleo Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’ve had this delicious recipe on my site for a year and a half now, but the old photo was so bad it was hard to tell if it was a muffin or a sea urchin… 

Well hubby got out the mixing bowls and the camera, and went to work last weekend whipping up a fresh batch and snapping a new pic.

And I’ve got to say, both turned out excellent.

These are really terrific paleo and gluten-free muffins. They have a light, fluffy texture with a sweet banana flavor. And oh my gosh, when you bite into one while it’s still warm with the half-melted dark mini-chocolate chips inside, these are just to die for!

And if my husband can bake these without calling me for help (or the fire department) well you know this recipe is a no-brainer! [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-2rrrfq’]

So before you throw out those overripe bananas on your counter, save a couple of the brownest and mushiest and create an amazing batch of sweet banana nut muffins out of them!

And I should mention, especially for the newbies, these are treats and should be enjoyed in moderation.

While there’s of course no refined sugars in these muffins (they’re sweetened by the ripe bananas but you can add a tablespoon or two of raw honey if you like) you’ll want to go easy on them if you’re watching your carbs.

I guess the upside is everyone in your family will want at least one so these muffins won’t be around to tempt you for very long!

Hope you enjoy this treat as much as we do. Let me know what you think!

Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 1/2 cups almond flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 1/3 cup pecans or walnuts, chopped
  • 1 or 2 tbs raw honey, depending on how ripe your bananas are and how sweet you like your muffins
  • 1/2 cup dark mini chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life brand)


  1. In a small bowl smash the bananas
  2. Next add the eggs, vanilla, coconut oil and honey to the bananas and stir until combined
  3. In a larger bowl, combine all the dry ingredients (almond flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon)
  4. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry mixture bowl – stir into a batter
  5. Next add the chocolate chips and chopped nuts and stir well (save a couple of tablespoons of the nuts to top the muffins)
  6. Pour batter into a muffin tin lined with baking cups – fill each cup about 3/4 full
  7. Sprinkle remaining nuts on top of muffins and place in oven
  8. Bake at 350º F for about 22-25 minutes (oven times and temperatures will vary – test doneness by inserting a toothpick, if it comes out clean, they're done)
  9. Store covered in fridge, or you can freeze these to enjoy later


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  1. These turned out soooo good. I made them for my son to have for breakfast, so I left out the chocolate. He doesn’t like nuts, so I left them out, too. They are so moist with the perfect banana flavor. Thanks for a great recipe!

  2. Oh wow! Just made these and they turned out wonderful. I’ve never made anything using almond flour/meal as opposed to ‘normal’ flour (I committed to eating/getting healthy a little over a year ago, and while I’m not paleo I do like to incorporate paleo recipes into my cooking for their health benefits), but I recently got a coffee/spice grinder and made my own almond meal to try out this recipe. Perfect <3 I had a dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs in it and chopped it up and added it instead of the chips, and I made a second batch with toasted coconut. Both variations were very tasty and complimented the banana flavor ^_^

    1. You go Margi! Lots of people that make my recipes are not really paleo. Just people looking for healthier alternatives. I’m glad you made it work for you! That’s why I’m here. :)

      1. Anonymous says:

        Can you sub almond for coconut flour?

        1. No, the are very different in the way they cook.

    2. Sarah Lynn says:

      You inspired me to put more cocoa in the recipe. I made these iron-heavy double chocolate by adding a tablespoon cocoa. The walnuts are soaked and dried (or germinated / “sprouted”) to get rid of the bitter taste. I added one extra banana and increased the salt to 1 TSP and added a teaspoon of powdered ginger too. On top I added pepitas for extra crunch and iron. I omitted the honey, and they are delicious!!!!!!

  3. If I leave out the chocolate chips do i need to replace it with something else, for me the banana is sufficient.

    1. Lydia, Feel free to leave out the chocolate! I do that myself once in a while and it’s still awesome!

  4. Bryanna Tutcher says:

    Okay so I made these just now and instead of coconut oil I used Ghee!! OH MY GOSH, sooo nutty and delicious. You have got to try it!!

    1. Brilliant idea Bryanna…next time I make these I’ll try the ghee too! Thanks for your comment! :)

  5. What would be a suitable substitute for coconut oil?

    1. Kirsten…try avocado oil if you have it. It doesn’t have much flavor so it shouldn’t effect the taste of the muffins. :)

      1. I used 2 tbsp avocado oil and they were awesome!

  6. I tried this recioe but added blueberries instead of chicolate chip cookies. It came out mushy and wet in the center. I Tested it with a toothpick and it came out clean so I pulled it out of the oven. Do I need more almond flour? The taste was great just didn’t get the consistency…

    1. Hi FitGirl…this recipe wasn’t designed to accommodate blueberries which hold a lot of moisture, so I’m not surprised they were super soggy. If you really want to try putting berries in this recipe again, I’d say adding at least a tablespoon of coconut flour to the mix might help – but I can’t say for certain that would work.

  7. AWESOME recipe! I have tried other paleo muffin/bread recipes that turn out mushy or weird consistency but these were easy to make and turned out perfectly. Will be making regularly! Thanks!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your nice comment Abby! You’re making me want to whip up a batch myself…I do love this one! Thanks again :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just made these this morning. They are delicious! I used an ice cream scoop to fill the muffin cups and it made exactly 12. Do you have an idea how many calories in this recipe?

    1. Hey that’s awesome…so glad you enjoyed them. I don’t know the calorie count for these, sorry :)

    2. Anonymous says:

      I put the ingredients in to a calorie counter and divided it into 12 servings. It looks like about 236 calories per muffin.

  9. I made these this morning. I substituted 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar plus 1/4 tsp. of baking soda for the baking powder. I did not want the cornstarch. They didn’t rise as much as yours did in your picture, but they tasted great (although my daughter said they were a little on the salty side and added a little more honey after they were done; I may have put a little more than a “pinch.”). The texture was good too. Will definitely make them again, but I will wait until our AC is fixed because it’s summer in Central California and too hot for baking. But way worth the heat, to get to taste these muffins :) THANK YOU.

  10. I’ve made so many of these paleo banana muffins: these are truly the best. Best in every way, flavor, texture, rises well, and looks like a real muffin. Cakey and delicious!

    1. Oh thank you so much! My goal was to make this one taste as close to a “traditional” banana nut muffin as possible — without the refined sugar and gluten. This is our favorite treat muffin recipe too! Thanks again for your wonderful comment! :)

  11. Hi, I`m looking forward to making these. Just a quick question, could I substitute maple syrup for the honey??? Thank you

    1. Certainly! :)

      1. I did, and they are awesome!!!! Thank you! :)

    2. Yes! :)

  12. I stumbled upon this recipe on-line about two weeks ago and am now about to make it for the third time! We aren’t paleo, but do cook with almond flour to change things up sometimes. My kids and husband love these. I brought them to my daughters school and three teachers asked for the recipe! I make the mini-muffins and they turn out great. Thank you! Going to explore the rest of your site.

    1. Liz, Thank you! I love hearing stories like yours. I think its wonderful that your looking for recipes with whole food ingredients! You don’t have to be paleo to stop by my site. It’s just real food. :) Thanks again!

      1. Do you need to adjust cooking time or oven temp to make mini muffins? If so, what should I bakes these at and for how long?

        1. Hi Sarah, I usually do mini muffins 9-11 min, but this would depend on your pan. I have learned ‘mini’ muffin pans vary greatly in size.

  13. I just made these and didn’t realize I forgot to add the coconut oil until they were already in the oven! They still turned out great!

    1. Oh good Chelsea! The coconut oil just adds a little more moisture. Im glad you liked the recipe! :)

  14. Hi there, these muffins look delicious! Can you tell me how many muffins this recipe yields? Wondering if I need to double the recipe to feed my family. Looks about 12. Thanks!

    1. It makes 10-12. :)

  15. Hi! They are so yum! But how many calories do each have?

    1. Desiree, I don’t calculate calories on my recipes at this time.

  16. Hi there. I love these muffins and have made them a few times. I didn’t have any nuts on hand so I threw in a couple handfuls of granola and wow was the flavor awesome. The grandkids ate them double fisted.

    1. Hi Brenda! Great idea! Granola in a muffin! I’m gonna try that! So glad you and the grandkids enjoyed! :)

  17. Hi, Thanks so much for this Recipe i made them last week and they were amazing. Making them again this weekend for a bake sale at my church :-)

    1. Jeannie, I’m so happy you like the muffins! And good for you for showing up with a healthy treat for the bake sale! Make sure to charge more! haha! :) Thank you for your kind comment.

  18. These were great! (Full disclosure: I didn’t have almond, or any nut, flour in the house, so I used a 1/2 cup of coconut flour and a 1/2 cup of GF all-purpose with about a 1/2 tsp of flax seed.) Tender, airy, and full of banana-nut sweetness. I didn’t even add much honey and they were still fabulous! Thank you!

    1. Kate! Thank you. Your info is great. Not everyone that follows the blog is Paleo and you bring welcome alternatives. Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Absolutely the best paleo muffin recipe I’ve ever tried! I did omit the chocolate chips as I don’t like chocolate in muffins (weird, I know), and added 1/4 cup raisins! So delicious, thank you!

    1. Jacquie, Thank you! That is a huge compliment and I really appreciate you letting me know you like the recipe! I’m so happy you made it work for you. Raisins rock. :)

  20. These muffins were excellent and super easy to make. My bananas were very ripe (lots of brown spots) so they were sweet enough without the added honey. I particularly liked that they weren’t “wet” still once baked like I have experienced with some other Paleo banana recipes.

    1. Hey Ashleigh, Thank you so much for your kind review of our muffins! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and you’re right, if your bananas are nice and ripe, sometimes you don’t even need the honey! :)

  21. These muffins are DELISH! I made thsm this morning and my son ( who is a picky eater) loved them! Thank you so much:)

    1. Sarah, Thank you for your review. And since I love little boys (I have grown up twin boys) your kind words make me especially happy! :)

  22. These muffins are delicious and easy to make. Made 2 batches and finished 3 muffins in one sitting. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Ha! They are pretty yummy, right? So glad you enjoyed the recipe! :)

  23. Do you think it would be fine if I omitted the chopped walnuts/pecans? These look scrumptious! :)

    1. Yes Sara! They will still be just as tasty! :)

      1. I made these last night as mini muffins and they were so yummy! Might just be my go-to banana muffin recipe :)

        1. Yay Sara! That’s big compliment. Thank you. :) I’m so glad your family enjoys!

        2. Hey Sara or Trina,

          How long do you bake them if they are mini muffin size?

          Thanks :)

          1. 9-11 min give or take…

  24. My kids LOVE these. We eat them for breakfast frequently. I love your website and have made tons of your recipes. Thank you for making the paleo journey a bit easier!

    1. Sandy, Thank YOU so much for your kind words! I’m glad you have enjoyed my recipes and I love hearing you’re raising your kids with paleo recipes. I wish I had known about paleo when my kids were younger, but they still enjoy the recipes now! It’s never too late! Thanks for taking the time to comment! :)

  25. Hi, do you have to use baking soda and salt? Can you just use baking powder? Thanks.

    1. Haven’t made them that way, but would probably work.

  26. Hi Trina,

    I just discovered your blog and can’t wait to try some recipes. I think I’ll make these for Saturday morning breakfast to give the kids a treat. How many muffins did your recipe yield?


    1. Hi Lori, It makes about 9-10. Hope the kids like them! :)

      1. Hi Trina,

        I had to come back and let you know these were a HUGE hit with the kids. My oldest son said, “these aren’t just the best Paleo muffins you ever made, these are some of the best muffins ever, top 10.” The funniest thing is I forgot the honey entirely. My bananas were really ripe. I realized it after I scooped the first three out into the muffin tins. I was going to scrape the batter back into the bowl and add the honey, but my 12 year old took a taste and said they were sweet enough as is. I’ll be making these again! Thank you.

        1. Hi Lori, first off, I would like to give your son a high five! Then I will tell you I have forgotten the honey myself. Nothing better than good ripe bananas!:) Your comment made me smile, so I give you a big thank you for letting me know. It made my day!

  27. Trina, I just made your banana chocolate chip muffins & they are wonderful! I have been a baker of all things yummy for many years & my family & friends love the traditional cookies, pies & cheesecakes that I make. I have been GF for a few years & paleo for about 6mos & its been difficult to find paleo baked goods that resemble traditional baked goods in texture & taste too. My husband is the true test because I have baked for him for years! I can’t wait for him to taste these….if there are any left by the time he gets home today! :) I also made your pumpkin pancakes this last weekend & your chunky monkey ice-cream, seriously yummy! I can’t wait to try your entrees, side dishes, etc. Thank you for sharing your recipes with all of us. As someone with a lifetime of tummy troubles & a love for cooking & eating, I am grateful to eat food that no one would even guess are paleo & good for them! God bless, Theresa :)

    1. Theresa Oh my gosh! you are so kind! You are exactly who I create my recipes for! I try so hard to help people realize, paleo is not a sacrifice of flavor, it’s better! I’m so happy you have been able to enjoy and share my recipes with people you love. That’s what it’s all about. :)

  28. Marland, I would use butter or ghee.

  29. These are wonderful! Easy to make and they came out perfect. Some paleo muffins have a “wet” texture to them, but these remained cakey. Thank you!

    1. Yay Staci! It’s a hands down favorite. Super easy and always great. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  30. These muffins are amazing! I have made them three times now, and my husband & I love them! Thank you!!

  31. These were incredible. Yum. The recipe made a full dozen using my silicone pan. I used about 1/2 cup of a stevia/sugar blend instead of the honey.

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for the comment! :)

  32. Hi, can we substitute the eggs and replace some of the almond flour with oat flour instead? thanks!

    1. Hi Amelia, If you have an egg substitiute that works for yu I’m sure that would be fine, however i have never made them with oat flour.

  33. Anonymous says:

    how many eggs do you use? It does not say

    1. It is listed in the ingredients, above the instructions.

  34. Hi Trina,
    Can’t wait to make these! Just wondering if you could substitue almond flour for coconut flour? What do you think?

    1. Cherie, the texture will be much different and coconut flour requires more liquid with any recipe. I’m sure it can be adapted with coconut flour, but I have not made them that way yet, so I could not advise how to change the recipe.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Great recipe! Very moist too! I’m also new to gluten free. Any info on nutritional values?

    1. I’m glad you like the recipe! We do not have nutritional valus right now. We may list hem in the future. Thanks for your comment!

  36. Katrina Roldan says:

    These are awesome! Made them last night for my decidedly non-paleo, non-muffin liking boyfriend…and he loved them! Said I shouldn’t bake for him anymore…(little does he know, these are healthy…shhhhhhh!) I have been going through goody withdrawl since re-starting my paleo adventure and these (along with the Lemon-Raspberry Cups) have sure helped! Thank you!! I got 24 mini muffins out of the recipe and baked them for 12 minutes.

  37. I’m rather new to paleo, but have been gluten-free for many years. This was the third muffin recipe I’ve tried and hands-down, the best. Great texture and lightness. Not too sweet. My young kids loved them too. Thank you!

    1. Gina, yay! If you have read any of my reviews, you know I love recipes where the kids love them! And you’re a great mom for serving up treats to your children you can feel good about. Thank you so much for your comment!

  38. Amanda Kugatow says:

    Just made these…soooo good! I’m new to Paleo and this was my first ever baked good. I got 8 out of the mix. Quick and easy plus delish…can’t beat that! Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda, I’m glad you tried the muffins and enjoyed them. They are a pretty awesome treat! :) thanks for commenting!

      1. Susan Carvalho says:

        Just found this recipe, and want to make minis. How long will I bake them?

        1. Hi Susan…mini versions of these will probably take 12-15 minutes to bake. Start checking them after about 12 minutes – insert a toothpick and see if it comes out clean. Hope you like these, they’re one of my favorites! Let me know how the minis turn out!

  39. Can i replace the mini choc chips with cocoa nibs?

    1. Zesty, yes you can! Yum!

  40. Mine make 12:) they are so delicious!

    1. Megan, I’m glad you liked them, they are one of my favs too! If you like pumpkin, try my pumpkin bread recipe. It’s yummy! ;)

  41. These should be illegal! They were so good. Thanks for another great recipe!

    1. Thank you Diana! I haven’t made them in a while, now you have me craving them! :) thanks for commenting.

  42. Nevine Marie says:

    Just made these as mini muffins and they are soooo delicious. My bananas were not ripe yet and I only used 1 tbs of honey and they still came out sweet. Thanks so much for the recipe Trina, it’s a winner!

    1. That’s funny! I made these this weekend as well! It’s a go to favorite. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I think I’ll make them as mini muffins sometime. Great idea for a quick snack! :)

  43. this doesn’t say how many muffins it makes…

    1. I’m sorry about that! It should make 8-10 muffins. :)

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