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Not Happy With Your Body? Get With This “Crazy” Program . . .

UPDATE TUESDAY, APRIL 12: Last minute program discount just announced: Take $20 OFF with promo code HAPPY20 at checkout. Program registration (and this discount) ends Wednesday April 13 at midnight. Click any Happy Body Formula button in this post to sign up!

Who doesn’t want to feel fantastic every day?

Of course there’s no magic button for that, which means we’ve all got to put in a little effort to achieve our own personal nirvanas.

And right there is where many, many people get stuck. They just don’t know where or how or when to start. They’ve got a zillion questions and zero answers. They don’t have the time or patience to figure it all out on their own. So, what happens? You guessed it, nothing.

For others their biggest obstacle is themselves. They need motivation, willpower, accountability – whatever you want to call it. They’ve just got to have somebody hounding them (in a nice way) like a good mentor or coach to be sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to. Nothing wrong with that.

So if one these has a been a challenge for you, you’re going to like what’s next…

A fresh solution

If you’re serious about making a life-altering change and need some expert help, my “crazy” friends over at the Happy Body Formula program (I’ll explain the nutty part in a minute) have a question for you:

“Are You Ready to Feel Amazing?”

If you are, go sign up for their 9-week program right now before the midnight deadline on Wednesday, April 13.

Then starting April 18th, you’ll be on your way to reaching what you might think today are impossible health and lifestyle goals.

Yes this program costs a little money…it works out to $15 a week. That seems really cheap to me for everything that’s included. You get a real, live dedicated coach, meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, a tracking app, daily motivational emails, a private Facebook Group…they’ve got all kinds of useful stuff for you to make sure you succeed. And keep in mind, this program is designed to be a life-long solution for you – it is not a short-term fad diet. Be prepared to make a dramatic change for the better.

happy body formula health, exercise and nutrition program

Can you believe this guarantee?

And here’s the whacky part (and I mean that in a good way) about this program: If you don’t achieve the results you and your Happy Body Formula coach have set for you, you’ll get more than your money backthey’ll give you DOUBLE your money back. Insane right?

So it’s $15 a week and you get 2X your money back if it doesn’t work. Is there any way you can lose with this Happy Body Formula? Looks like a no-brainer to me.

Now that said, I have not personally been through the program. However I do know some of their staff. They’ve got health, nutrition and exercise pros on board who know what they’re doing and really want to help people succeed.

Why is this 9-week program so inexpensive? I’ve got a theory…

My guess is they’re fine-tuning this program. I would not be surprised if they raise the price of the Happy Body Formula in the near future. And again, I’m just guessing here, but this program can’t be very profitable for them right now.

So seriously, I would jump on this right away if you’re interested. Join while you still can at this super-low price.

If you’ve been disappointed before, there is hope

I always get emails from Paleo Newbie followers telling me how frustrated they are after trying this-or-that program, or book, or coach, or whatever it is – and they don’t get the results they were hoping for. And to add insult to injury, they lose their hard-earned money too. That hurts, I know.

Well here’s a program that I really don’t see any downside to trying. Don’t reach the goals you set? Ok…cha-ching…here’s double your money back!  (That’s one gutsy guarantee from the Happy Body Formula…yikes!)

April 13th at midnight is the deadline

So you’ve just got until Wednesday, April 13th at midnight to sign up. Click the button below, go to their website, check everything out. If you get a good feeling about it, sign up.

Why I’d love your feedback on this one

If you go through the program, please let me know how it goes. I only promote stuff from people who’ve proven to me they deserve my support. I really want your feedback on this new (to me) program.

We do make a few bucks from everyone we refer to Happy Body Formula to help support the Paleo Newbie blog. That’s nice but not my real motivation. What I’d like is for the Happy Body Formula to be a reliable source I can send my friends to with 100% confidence that they will do everything they can to help people succeed. So please, let me know how your experience goes.

Thanks! And get over to the Happy Body Formula now…take a good look at the program, read some of their client reviews, and see for yourself that crazy double-your-money-back guarantee. I’m pretty sure you’re going to like everything this program has to offer.  :)

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