Light & Crispy Paleo Sweet Potato Chips

Who doesn’t love potato chips? They’re certainly popular here – Americans consume something like 20 pounds of chips per person per year according to the National Potato Council.

You’d think potato chips would be pretty easy to make, but there’s actually a whole lot of science that goes into each bag. You need plenty of chemicals to correct things like too much sugar or chips that aren’t the right color. Then you need vats of oil to fry them in – mostly unhealthy vegetable oil blends. And then there’s the colorful packaging – polypropylene bags, many coated with aluminum inside and then filled with nitrogen. With all that work, no wonder potato chips taste so good!

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to all that trouble to make your own hot and healthy potato chips at home.

In fact, my paleo potato chips recipe is about as simple as it gets. Some do-it-yourselfers recommend soaking your raw potato slices in water first to dissolve some of the starch. Honestly, I don’t bother. Mine are all natural and every batch has turned out great so far.

And you’re not going to need a deep-fat fryer for this one, your trusty cast iron skillet will do just fine. I would recommend investing in a mandoline slicer – it’ll really help you zip out the thin, uniform potato slices you need to get the best results. (I’ll insert a link to the one we use from – it’s good enough and priced around $20.) Of course you can also  get by with a sharp knife, a steady hand and a little extra patience.


I like to keep my chips paleo so I use white-fleshed (not orange) sweet potatoes, but you can probably go with russet if you prefer.

I’m sure you’ll love how easy this paleo potato chips recipe is. And there’s nothing like snacking on chips that are fresh, healthy and crisp – and actually taste like real potatoes.

Give this easy and fun paleo recipe a try. And stay tuned … I’ve got an awesome dish using these paleo potato chips I’ll post for you next that you really don’t want to miss!  [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-of2udh’]

Light & Crispy Paleo Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Light & Crispy Paleo Sweet Potato Chips Recipe


  • 1-2 raw white-fleshed sweet potatoes, unpeeled
  • Avocado oil, enough for about a 1/2-inch layer in your skillet (save after use – it should be reusable)
  • Any pre-made seasoning blend of your choice – or simple kosher salt works well too


  1. Slice white-fleshed sweet potatoes into rounds about an 1/16" thick (around the thickness of a dime) – a mandoline slicer makes this step fast and easy
  2. In a 12-inch or larger skillet, heat about 1/2-inch of avocado oil to around 360ºF – use a clip-on thermometer if you have one. Alternatively, stick the handle of a wooden spoon straight down into the heated oil. If bubbles appear around the wood, the oil is hot enough to proceed
  3. Place sliced chips in skillet. (Don't overcrowd – cook in batches!) Turn slices occasionally and cook until light golden brown – it usually takes around 2-3 minutes per batch
  4. Remove chips from hot oil with spider or a slotted spoon. Place cooked chips on a wire rack or paper towels to drain excess oil and IMMEDIATELY sprinkle with your favorite seasoning blend or kosher salt

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  1. Are orange flesh sweet potatoes not paleo? I thought they were

    1. They are. I just like the way the white ones fry up. Feel free to use either. :)

  2. That looks so good. I need to get that special slicer.

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