You don’t have to be married to paleo to achieve your goals

My goal is to gently nudge everyone closer to the paleo lifestyle…one recipe at a time.

The truth is, very few people can jump right in and eat only 100% paleo-approved foods from day one.

Suddenly switching your diet to only real foods, without processed junk, refined sugars, grains or dairy is a pretty good shock to the system for most people.

That’s why sensible paleo food bloggers and even the big-name paleo gurus like Mark Sisson say slow is the way to go when starting paleo.

When I first decided to go for it, I ate about 80% paleo. It took me many months to move up to 95%. Today, 2 1/2 years later, I’m still not 100%.

Kathryn, that beautiful blushing bride you see in the photo above, approached paleo a little differently than most.

She sent me a note a few months ago, and here’s what she said…

“Your recipes have seriously helped me make some major eating changes. While I am not going full-on paleo, I am trying to make smarter decisions about eating and your blog has truly helped me do that. In the last 37 days I have lost a little over 7 lbs using your website and exercising. (I have a goal of losing 12 lbs. before my wedding!)”

What I love about Kathryn’s story is that she never once thought she was subjecting herself to a rigorous paleo diet with a long list of do’s and don’ts to fret about…she had more important things to think about.

I’m sure in her mind she was simply enjoying new recipes made with healthy food that tasted great – and trusted her instincts that eating better would help her achieve her weight-loss goals.

Kathryn recently sent me the photo above of her wedding day, with this note attached:

“I got married and thanks to your website I lost my total goal weight of 12 lbs! Thank you so much for always adding new things and keeping it interesting and flavorful. You are amazing!”

kathryn-vert-photo-insert-400x600Well all the kudos belong to you Kathryn…awesome job and you look absolutely breathtaking!

So whether you want to look stunning in a wedding dress, or just fit into your skinny jeans…you might want to give Kathryn’s healthy approach a try.

There’s absolutely no teeth gnashing or hand wringing involved with this method…

Just start by whipping up a few easy Paleo Newbie recipes…that may be all it takes to jump start your desire for many more nutritious meals when you know the recipes are gonna be good!

I believe the paleo lifestyle is a journey, not a race.

My advice is to pace yourself and start slow…one recipe at a time.

That’s how Kathryn did it – a paleo part-timer who still achieved her goals.

Give it a try, ease into it, and stick with it – you don’t have to be 100% to be a paleo success story!

A big thank-you to Kathryn for letting me share her story, and her wedding photographer Erin McGinn Photography for letting us publish one of her beautiful photos!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my story! And thanks to my little sister who shared your website with me in the first place :)

  2. Changing lives Trina! You are awesome! <3

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