A Homemade Christmas

If you’re like me, it’s the gifts you unwrap you know came straight from the heart that mean the most this time of year.

I really love giving and receiving those kinds of presents from my friends and family. You know the ones – they’re not expensive but to you they’re priceless. Little gifts that share our love of food, family or friendship in a big way. To me, that’s what the holidays are all about.

So these are just some of the homemade gifts I’m busy making this Christmas…

Those cookies pictured above are my chewy ginger holiday cookies…next to those is a jar filled with my really easy paleo pumpkin spiced granola…and finally I’ve got a Ball jar packed with delicious chunky cinnamon apple pear sauce. [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-s1tlib’]

These paleo recipes are all very simple. And when they’re made with love and wrapped up with a bow, they become beautiful and heartfelt gifts that will be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive them.

Have little ones running around? Well don’t be surprised if they want to join in the fun and help you make a recipe or two. What a great way to show them some of the best gifts they can give are the ones made with their own two little hands.

So look through the recipes, pick your favorites, and get busy! I promise there will be smiles and hugs all around when the presents are opened this year. And that’s the best gift of all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and the hubs to you and yours! XO

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