A Tricked Out Treat For The Kids This Halloween

Looking through a magazine a few weeks ago, I spotted the cutest little deviled eggs for Halloween. They had these little spiders on them made out of olives…

I immediately thought of the days when my boys were younger and how much we all loved Halloween. As a working mom, I also remembered how hard it was to rush home, feed the kids, dress them, and get them out the door for trick or treating before it got too late.

That got me thinking how cute it would be to have these little spiders on an easy-to-make pizza for the kids that could be ready in a flash on Halloween night. For this pizza, I used a gluten-free frozen crust from Whole Foods. (Believe me, I’ve been working on a recipe for a 100% paleo pizza crust – but mine still has a few bugs in it too!) [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-279y8o’]

So when the clock’s ticking and the kids are anxious to hit the sidewalks, you can throw this little treat together for them in just a few minutes and pop it in the oven!

Just use your favorite pizza sauce, peppers, pepperoni, whole olives and sliced olives for the spider legs. I added a small handful of fresh mozzarella, but I’ll leave the cheese or no cheese choice up to you and your little goblins.

I made this last night so I could snap a picture to show you. My hubby thought it was a little creepy to eat a spider off a pizza, but if your kids are anything like mine were, they’ll think it’s the coolest thing ever – especially if they’re boys – and that makes you an even cooler parent.

This post is just for kicks and doesn’t have a recipe. It’s just a cute Halloween idea I thought you and your kids might like. A little fun to be had with the kids. Believe me, the joy of young children full of mischief and giggles passes way too fast – enjoy it while you can!

So make a quick pizza, hang up your apron, and go have some fun with your little ghosts and goblins.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!  :)

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  1. Creepy but sooo cute!! Will make this!

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