Paleo Banana-Carrot Pancakes

Here you go…stacks of awesome-tasting AND super-healthy paleo pancakes – inspired by a Paleo Newbie reader!  Read more

Easy Paleo Plantain Chips

If you’re paleo and wish you could enjoy a nice, crispy chip with some guacamole or salsa, here’s a quick and easy potato-like crisp you can make at home with green plantains and a little coconut oil…  Read more

Raspberry, Banana & Coconut Water Ice Cube Smoothie

Here’s a light and refreshing paleo smoothie that really hits the spot when you need a quick and healthy thirst-quencher… Read more

3-Ingredient Chocolate Nutter Nanner Bites

As most of the U.S. eases into summer, here in Phoenix we’re already there. Yep, triple-digit temperatures are expected this weekend. So I thought a cool, bite-size, gluten-free treat was in order… Read more

Paleo Banana & Raspberry Swirl “Ice Cream”

It’s springtime for most of us, and I’ve got a wonderful paleo “ice cream” recipe made with fresh berry jam I know you’ll love. This is one you can enjoy absolutely guilt free… Read more