Recipes Are Just Blueprints, You Bring Them To Life

You know what really gets me excited about sharing recipes here on Paleo Newbie?

Recipe-Drawer-300x365The answer is simple. It’s you. I love it when you try a recipe and have something to say about it. Maybe you changed an ingredient, added more spice, tried a different topping – I’m thrilled when readers take a recipe and make it their own.

I’ve never claimed to be the one-stop paleo shop for the perfect recipe. But don’t get me wrong…if you make one of my recipes and say it’s great, I’m doing cartwheels in the living room – or at least in my mind I am.

But what I appreciate even more is when people write in and tell me they switched this or changed that, and they loved the recipe. That’s so awesome.

Like I’ve said in the past, you are the most important ingredient in these recipes. Without getting too cheesy (that’s so not paleo) when you add a bit of yourself to a recipe, that’s what makes it perfect.

Because at the end of the day a recipe is just a list of ingredients and instructions. You’re the one that brings a recipe to life and gives a dish its soul.


And when you do that, it lets me be a part of your paleo journey. I know for many of you it’s a brand new eating adventure like it was for me over a year and a half ago. Thank you for taking me along for the ride and letting me be a part of your story!

I’ve always wanted Paleo Newbie to be an interactive website where all of us can share ideas, tips or anything you think might be helpful to paleo peeps – especially those just sticking their toes in the water for the first time.

[/two_third] [one_third_last][ult_blockquote align=”” cite=”” color=”” bcolor=”” ]”You’re the one that brings a recipe to life and gives a dish its soul.”[/ult_blockquote] [/one_third_last]

It’s also my goal to make everyone feel comfortable here. No one will judge your paleo template, or scream at you if you eat a piece of toast. We’re here to create a friendly environment and to help educate the newbies, as well as support those who’ve already started their journey. I don’t claim to know all of the answers, but I know I can help you find them.

That’s why I’m here. My passion has not wavered since I was a paleo newbie. I’m enjoying the benefits of eating paleo every day and that personally is what fuels my passion to stick with it.

And let me just add you all are the best part of my day. I’m serious! Reading the reviews of the recipes or answering emails makes me crazy happy. All because you’re taking me along on your paleo journey, and honestly, there’s no place I’d rather be.

Please join in on the fun. I’d love to hear how you changed a recipe to make it your own. Snap a photo and we’ll post it.

Also, let me know what you would like to see more of on this site. We’re in the process of changing it up a bit to make it easier to access and navigate, and adding more information especially for the newbies. So whatever you think would make the website more useful to you, please let me know about it.

In the meantime, let’s keep fueling the paleo fire together and burn the processed food house down! :)

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  1. April Russell says:

    I’m a paleo newbie and was just wondering if you have any advice for getting kids to transition smoothly to paleo?

    1. Hi April, I’m pretty sure many people have the same concerns you do. The age of your children will come into play with this answer. I’m a mom and although I wasn’t Paleo when they were young, there are a couple of things I did to help them become healthy eaters. The first thing is to involve them in the shopping and cooking. Remember to make it age appropriate. For instance, if they are very young, maybe they just pick out the veggies at the store, and when you’re cooking them, let them throw them in the slow cooker or pan. Kids are much more likely to be excited about eating new foods if they played a part in preparing it. Also, providing there are no food restrictions for your kids, do not make a special meal for them. They should always eat what you eat. Lead by example. If they see you eating it, they may not like it at first, but they will eventually follow you. Give them a chance for their palate to change. If they are used to a high carb or sugar diet, it will take time. Don’t give up. Packing lunches for school can be challenging, but you can make it fun. Make them roll ups with meat and avocado, fresh berries, homemade energy bars, and tell them they can share with their friends. An occasional paleo treat is fine as well as long as it’s not every day. And the biggest thing is don’t feel like you are asking your kids to sacrifice. You’re a mother that loves her kids and wants them to grow up to be healthy. There is no apology in that. In my opinion, its just as important to feed your kids healthy food as it is to educate them and keep them safe. It’s not always easy, but we do it anyway. :) I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or feel free to email me any time.

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