grilled chicken and peach salad with honey lime vinaigrette

New Look At An Old Summertime Favorite

We always like to let you know when we update recipes – even if it’s just with a new photo.

I added this grilled chicken and peach salad recipe to the Paleo Newbie blog 2 years ago and it’s still one of my favorites.

I’m embarrassed to admit our original photo looked more like kibble in a dog bowl than a glorious summer salad. That might’ve kept a few of you (okay, a lot of you!) from trying this really amazing but simple recipe.

So, when we enjoyed this salad at home this past weekend, we whipped out our Canon and grabbed a new photo. Annie Leibovitz we’re not, but this pic is way better than the original.

So, we hope you’ll take a second look at this first-rate summer salad with its island-spiced chicken and fresh yellow peaches hot off the grill and topped with a honey-lime vinaigrette. So good!

Click here to go to the recipe:


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