MovNat Challenges CrossFit For The Best Moves

Erwan Le Corre thinks he’s come up with a better workout routine for you that compliments your paleo lifestyle perfectly.

No mirrored gyms, elliptical machines, barbells, old tires or even shoes required.

It’s a relatively new health and fitness discipline Le Corre has named Natural Movement® – or MovNat for short.

With MovNat you’re coached and drilled on how to properly perform the most common movements humans have naturally evolved to do best – such as running, balancing, crawling, climbing, swimming, carrying, striking and throwing. You’ll even get a lesson in proper breathing for good measure.

The preferred location for MovNat’s evolutionary exercise routines is the great outdoors, but classes can also be held in an indoor space with mostly simple equipment.

Le Corre says the problem with conventional gyms and even CrossFit workouts is they encourage routines that are too restrictive and artificial.

MovNat promises a wider range of movements with workouts designed to help you become fit and lean while also developing explosive strength – training that’s more relevant for real world living Le Corre says.

Natural Movement is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a growing number of affiliate gyms and certified trainers around the world.


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