Jennifer Dishes Out The Southern Charm in “Down South Paleo” Cookbook

So I was chatting away with Jennifer Robins the other day when my doorbell rings and the UPS guy hands me her cookbook – talk about coincidences!

Well I can tell you Jennifer’s debut cookbook Down South Paleo: Delectable Southern Recipes Adapted for Gluten-free, Paleo Eaters didn’t happen by chance…this girl put a ton of work to bring you over 100 Southern dishes – all without grains, dairy, soy and refined sugars.

So if you were born south of the Mason-Dixon line, or just have a soft spot for down-home Southern cooking, you’re going to want your own lay-flat copy of this beautifully-photographed cookbook.

I’ve already found many mouth-watering recipes I’m anxious to try. Just the fried chicken on the cover was enough to get me drooling! Inside you’ll find everything you’re hankering for – from classic Southern breakfasts to decadently delicious deep-South desserts. [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-103ttnt’]

And yes, there’s even a recipe for grain-free grits in Down South Paleo – wait’ll you see how she made this Southern staple without grains!

And by the way, Jennifer is no newbie to paleo cooking – be sure and check out her excellent blog Predominantly Paleo!

As an Italian gal raised in the Northwest, it’s a real treat for me to get Jennifer’s personal introduction to a whole new culture of cooking. With her wonderful storytelling and diverse collection of simple recipes, I feel like I’m being taken on a grand tour of the South’s best home-cooking from the mountains of Virginia to the plains of Texas.

Just some of the pages in Down South Paleo I’ve already dog-eared include Jennifer’s Chicken Fried Steak, Gulf Coast Crab Chowder, Grandma’s Grain-Free Biscuits and Gravy, and Bourbon Street Bread Pudding! Mmmmm – right? There’s even some recipes for the chipotle lovers out there like me!

And for those of you with special dietary restrictions, what’s great about Down South Paleo is Jennifer spells out right up top what’s not in each recipe – so if you need to avoid things like eggs, nuts or nightshades you’ll know at a glance if the recipe’s right for you. And in fact I’d say the majority of Jennifer’s recipes could easily be adapted to the autoimmune protocol if necessary with just a few simple changes.

So really this book is for everyone who wants a much, much healthier way to enjoy some of those irresistible Southern dishes I know you’ve been craving.

Grab this cookbook y’all! It’s a great value, especially with Amazon’s ridiculously low price – just click the link below and get cooking Southern-style with Jennifer!

Down South Paleo Cookbook Review

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