Holy Butternut Batman!

So I told my husband what I was calling this post. He said, ‘Really? What does Holy Butternut mean?’ Haven’t you ever watched Batman and Robin, I asked? Geez. Robin always says corny stuff like that. He just sighed, ‘Butternut?…really?’

I asked him if it was too cheesy. Of course he said ‘Yes.’ So I titled this post just as I planned. I think hubby likes me only because I cook for him. There is no way on God’s green earth he could be Paleo without me. I am the wind beneath his organic chicken wings. Left to his own devices, he’d eat bananas and almond butter on his Paleo plan.

Anyways, remember the gluten-free butternut squash ravioli I told you about? It was freakin’ awesome! Hence, Holy Butternut Batman! We scarfed it down along with my homemade Paleo sausage spaghetti sauce in 10 minutes flat!  It was sooo yummy. I know gluten-free ravioli isn’t totally Paleo, but zap, zing, ka-pow – it was so worth it! This was restaurant delicious. I took a little bow after the meal. And my husband didn’t laugh. He knew it was that good. [av_sidebar widget_area=’Lockerdome’ av_uid=’av-2r6mq5′]

When you're craving pasta, this butternut squash ravioli is a pretty good Paleo substitute!
When you’re craving pasta, this butternut squash ravioli is a pretty good Paleo substitute!

So here’s my Paleo beginner part of the  lesson: I left a few ravioli in the pot while we ate. They were big ones like you get at the nice restaurants, and I didn’t want to pig out so I left them swimming in the pot.

When we finished our meal, I went to the pot to dump out the leftover ravioli. Here was the surprise: Inside the pot there was only liquid with a few tiny specks of ravioli bobbing around. It had broken down to nothing in the time it took us to eat. I was amazed! Imagine if that had been real wheat pasta? Those little raviolis would have still been there…floating around and waiting to slide down into my tummy. I deduced my digestive system would process this gluten-free version quickly and efficiently. That’s a good thing. A little Paleo science lesson if you will. And I can report both of us felt great and had no bloating or digestive issues at all! Yay!

Just wanted all of you to know. I realize a cheat for you might not be the gluten-free ravioli like it was for us.  But please do know, it’s not such a bad thing if you do. And I enjoyed watching the smile on my husband’s face for the rest of the evening. That alone was worth defying the Paleo gods for one night.

That’s all for now!

You only have one life to live – make it a happy and healthy one!

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