Finding Clothes That Fit Is A Stretch For Many CrossFitters

CrossFit may be tailor-made for paleo, but maybe not so much for clothing.

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, many CrossFitters are finding their pumped-up physiques from CrossFit’s intense exercise routines have muscled them out of their favorite clothes.

While CrossFit participants are proud of the hard work they’ve put into their bodies, many complain of bigger butts and broader shoulders that won’t fit into department store fashions.

One new online clothier is doing something about the growing problem. Relentless Jeans has come out with a new line of men’s and women’s jeans made out of a denim and Spandex-like blend for Crossfitters and other athletes who just can’t squeeze into off-the-shelf Levis.

At last check, Relentless Jeans is having growing pains of its own – it’s sold out of many sizes, and doesn’t expect to be fully restocked until late May.


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