2-Year-Old Paleo Ice Cream Still Tastes Great!

No, this pint of non-dairy ice cream hasn’t been in the freezer for 2 years…that’s just how long I’ve had this little recipe on my blog!

It was one the first paleo ice cream recipes I shared here on Paleo Newbie way back when. So to celebrate, I made a fresh batch and snapped a new pic of the August birthday girl.

This is one of the easiest to make and best-tasting dairy-free paleo ice creams out there in my humble opinion.

Just fresh fruit – bananas and strawberries – plus a can of chilled full-fat coconut milk and a little vanilla extract is about all you need. And if the fruit you use is pretty sweet already, you may not need to add any raw honey – see the link below for the recipe.

With summer fading fast (it’s slipping down to the low teens in Phoenix this weekend – that’s 113º F to be exact) there’s not a whole lot of time left to get the full-flavored cooling effect of this smooth and fruity non-dairy ice cream.

Click on over and check out this easy and awesome paleo treat!

recipe here

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