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20-Minute Shrimp & Sausage Paleo Skillet Meal

easy and quick paleo recipe for one-skillet shrimp and sausage

Think healthy and hearty paleo cooking takes forever? Got 20 minutes?

whole30 compliant recipe markHere’s a unique surf and turf kind of paleo meal that’s quick and easy. And it’s loaded with wholesome, nutritious stuff which makes it even better.

This paleo dish takes more time to chop the fresh veggies than it does to cook. And with its super-easy spices and a pre-cooked sausage of your choice, it’ll be on your plate in a snap! 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Old Bay Seasoning, it’s awesome! Your mom and grandma probably had this in their cupboard. Smart ladies! And for good reason. It’s a 70-year-old secret mix of herbs and spices that includes celery salt, red pepper, mustard, black pepper, bay leaves, cloves, paprika and some other ingredients they don’t list. I love it. It adds an awesome zip to seafood and poultry. And it’s really inexpensive compared to most pre-mixed spices. Be sure and add this classic to your spice rack!

20-minute paleo skillet meal

Take this skillet recipe and make it your own…for this one, I subbed out the regular sausage for wild boar sausage – really good!

What’s really great about this paleo shrimp and sausage recipe is its versatility – feel free to change up the veggies any way you want. I kept this mixture to quick-cooking veggies because we were hungry and I didn’t want to wait. And we nailed it.

Spicy, sweet and savory all in one bite.

This one’s a keeper for us. Hope it will be for you too!

20-Minute Shrimp & Sausage Skillet Paleo Meal Recipe

20-Minute Shrimp & Sausage Skillet Paleo Meal Recipe


  • 1 lb of medium or large shrimp (peeled and deveined)
  • 6 oz of pre-cooked smoked sausage, chopped (choose your favorite)
  • 3/4 cup diced red bell pepper
  • 3/4 cup diced green bell pepper
  • 1/2 of a medium yellow onion, diced
  • 1/4 cup chicken stock
  • 1 zucchini, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, diced
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Pinch of red pepper flakes
  • 2 tsp Old Bay Seasoning
  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  • Optional garnish: chopped parsley
  • Servings
  • Serves about 4


  1. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat with some olive oil or coconut oil
  2. Season shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning
  3. Cook shrimp about 3-4 minutes until opaque – remove and set aside
  4. Cook onions and bell peppers in skillet with 2 Tbsp of olive oil or coconut oil for about 2 minutes
  5. Add sausage and zucchini to the skillet, cook another 2 minutes
  6. Put cooked shrimp back into skillet along with the garlic, and cook everything for about 1 minute
  7. Pour chicken stock into pan and mix through to moisten everything
  8. Add salt, ground pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste
  9. Remove from heat, garnish with parsley and serve hot


52 replies
  1. Ode
    Ode says:

    I made this the other Night and it was awesome, thanks.
    Do you think it would be good with a side dish of sweet potatoe rice?

  2. Jana
    Jana says:

    This was easy and delicious – thanks!

    I used homemade (not smoked) sausage, so I added a little Liquid Smoke w/ the chicken broth. Also added mushrooms with the onions and peppers.

  3. barbara
    barbara says:

    This is delicious! I used turkey sausage. My husband is a very picky eater and loved this!
    Next time I’ll try it with mushrooms and have over spaghetti squash.
    Thanks for the healthy recipe!

    • Trina
      Trina says:

      Hi Barbara, I’m glad you got your picky eater to try this one! 🙂 I have had it over spaghetti squash. It’s yummy! Thank you for your comment!

  4. Shelly Truitt
    Shelly Truitt says:

    Hello, I’m new to Paleo and so excited to come across your blog! One question, can I omit the shrimp and it still taste ok? We don’t eat shrimp.lol

    • Trina
      Trina says:

      Of course you can Shelly, it will be fine…in fact I always try to encourage people to change the ingredients listed in the recipe (especially entrees like this one) to something else they would like better…omit or sub with another veggie to suit your taste! 🙂

  5. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    This recipes looks wonderful and I am sure my family would love it…just wondering if you use cooked or uncooked shrimp? I have frozen cooked shrimp and was wondering if I would use that or need to get uncooked shrimp. Thanks

    • Trina
      Trina says:

      Yes Michelle, the frozen cooked shrimp is fine! But add them a the end of the recipe just to combine the flavors so they don’t over cook.

  6. jimrazzano
    jimrazzano says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these recipes! I just made this for the second time tonight, and it’s so good! I brought some to work last week and shared with a friend, and she keeps asking me for the recipe, which I am printing out for her (I also told her about your website)! I’ve also cooked your chile, and repeatedly cooked the “Kitchen Sink Breakfast Hash”. I started eating Paleo about 4 months ago, and you’re easy-to-follow recipes very well may have saved me from quitting due to food boredom. I feel great and I am eating food that is delicious and satisfying. Thank you for sharing!

    • Trina B
      Trina B says:

      Wow and YAY! You are the type of person that inspires me to continue creating easy yummy meals. I’m so excited I have been able to help you stay on track! That has been our goal since the beginning.:) Thank you so much for sharing my website and recipes with your friends. You just made my day! Thanks for your comment.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m new to Paleo and when I came across your blog on Pinterest I was super excited. Your recipes look so amazing and easy to make. This was my very first “Paleo” meal I made and it was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for all the delicious recipes and I can’t wait to try another one!

    • Trina B
      Trina B says:

      Whew! It was your first paleo meal? I’m so glad you liked it! I try to keep the recipes easy and full of flavor so the transition to paleo is not so hard. Hopefully you will find more to enjoy! 🙂 Good luck!

  8. nosogirl
    nosogirl says:

    I made this tonight and really liked it. I used turkey sausage. And enough red pepper flakes to make it nicely spicy. Only thing I did differently was to increase the cooking time during the stage where you add the sausage and zucchini. I wanted to be sure the sausage heated through and got a little color on it. Next time I might remove the peppers/onions and cook the sausage for a while on its own before adding back all the vegetables and continuing on with the recipe.

  9. AJ
    AJ says:

    Sadly Bay Seasoning has “MSG “or mono sodium glutamate…. A Nero-toxin that tells ur brain that the food tastes better that it really does. Gives me migraines sad to say….anyone have a recipie for clean bay like seasoning?!?

    • Trina B
      Trina B says:

      AJ, There is no MSG in Old Bay seasoning. Thats not to say that products sold with old bay seasoning do not contain MSG, like potato chips. McCormick claims to have removed all MSG from their seasonings. I just looked at my can and it reads, Celery salt, spices, including red pepper and back pepper and paprika.

  10. Lisa R
    Lisa R says:

    Made this last night for the family……it was absolutely yummy….next time I am going to have to make a bigger batch. Thank you for the recipe

    • Trina B
      Trina B says:

      Hi Lisa! Thank you! I think I should have doubled the recipe. Other people have said just 2 people can gobble it up! 🙂 I’m so glad your family enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by to say so!

  11. Jennie
    Jennie says:

    This skillet was so easy to make and so amazingly savoury. I’m going to have to make this at least once a week! Thanks so much for the recipe!


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