Writer Rebecca Harrington tried 14 crazy celebrity diets – and lived to tell about it

What’s it like to try Beyoncé’s radical diet and consume only spicy lemonade?

How about Dolly Parton’s diet – you can chew your food all you like, but just don’t swallow it!

Or how does this one sound: Start your day with two raw eggs stirred into warm milk, skip lunch, then have a steak and five raw carrots for dinner, plus a hot fudge sundae for dessert? That’s what Marilyn Monroe’s supposedly ate every day on her wacky diet in 1952.

So what’s it like to diet like the stars? Rebecca Harrington decided to try 14 celebrity diets and write about her experiences in her tell-all book about rich and famous dieting: “I’ll Have What She’s Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting”


Harrington got the idea to play dinner table detective to the stars after she decided to go on a diet herself and ran across an article about William Howard Taft’s 1905 diet. America’s 27th president had a rather strange diet of boiled sole in the morning, mutton for dinner, and glutinous biscuits for snacks. The president’s diet sounded as good as any to her, so she gave it a shot.

That experience whet her appetite for researching – and trying – the diets of other famous people. She decided to try each diet for 10 days – or less if it became especially torturous.

Harrison’s goal wasn’t to find the perfect diet (she has no formal training in nutrition or weight loss) but simply to experience the obsessive eating habits of select Hollywood A-listers.

From a Madonna-inspired macrobiotic dinner party to chancing salmonella to try Greta Garbo’s raw eggs and orange juice breakfast, Harrison serves up equal parts belly laughs and stomach churns in this book that recounts her gastronomical adventures in the world of celebrity dieting.

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