Whole30® Compliant Recipes

In this section you’ll find my Paleo Newbie recipes that are 100% paleo — absolutely no gray-area ingredients here.

I’m calling this group “Whole30® Compliant” after Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s popular 30-day nutritional reset program the couple came up with back in 2009.

whole30-graphic-350x350What exactly is Whole30? The program encourages you to follow a very strict diet of only paleo-approved whole foods for at least 30 consecutive days.

So with Whole30, you’re expected to stop eating everything that’s already on the paleo no-fly list, plus cut out a few additional things. For example, no alcohol – not even for cooking. No additional sugars like honey, maple syrup or even artificial sweeteners. No dark chocolate, sorry. And no griddle or baked goods such as muffins, pancakes, breads, waffles, cookies, etc. – even if they’re made out of paleo-approved ingredients.  (At least coffee is OK – just hold the dairy and sweetener.)

The Whole30 program is pretty hardcore. It’s designed to rid you of unhealthy food cravings and force your metabolism, digestive tract and immune system to operate at peak efficiency in about a month.

If you’re brand new to paleo and love a challenge, the Whole30 program may be right for you. It’s tough love for your body – but if you can hang in there you will be rewarded.

For additional information on the Whole30 program, visit the Whole30 website.

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