What’s Your Gut Telling You? Here’s How To Find Out

Did you know around 100 trillion bacteria call your body home?

In fact, these microbes and their genes outnumber your body’s cells 10 to 1.

Some are just harmless freeloaders, the majority are there to help, and some might be unwelcome guests.

Microbiologists are now studying how the makeup of the human microbiome may influence everything from obesity to allergies…and if it might be possible to better manage it to prevent disease and improve health.

If you’re curious who your body’s co-inhabitants are, you can participate in crowd-funded science project called the “American Gut.” For a donation, you can self-sample your body’s bacteria and send it off to the project’s lab at the University of Colorado-Boulder to get an analysis of your body’s bacterial community and see how your gut stacks up to others around the world.


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