the ugly truth about beauty products

The Ugly Truth About Some Beauty Products

If you’re a regular visitor to Paleo Newbie, I know you’re someone who cares a lot about the quality of the food you choose for you and your family.

So when you hit the grocery store you may be looking for fruit that’s organically grown, or shopping for hamburger meat that’s grass-fed, or scanning product labels to check for things like chemical preservatives, food dyes and artificial flavorings.

Many of us go to great lengths to make sure what we’re eating is healthy, nutritious, and safe – and that’s great.

But…when it comes to the cosmetics and other personal care products we buy, most of us don’t give a second thought about what’s actually inside those tubes and bottles.

We figure if it’s a brand name we know, trust, and have used for years, it must be okay. And besides, it’s not like we’re going to eat our hair shampoo – so what’s the big deal?

Well according to a recent article posted on Chris Kresser’s web site, we should all be paying far more attention to the personal care products we buy because chances are they’re loaded with potentially harmful chemicals our bodies are drinking up like a sponge.

As the site’s excellent article “Are your skincare products toxic?” points out, your greatest risk to toxic exposure isn’t in the food you eat – the real danger may be what you’re rubbing into your hair and skin every day.

The article provides a great introduction to why your body’s largest organ is more efficient at absorbing whatever it comes into contact with than you might think.

And then it goes into more detail about the damage just a handful of the hundreds of unregulated chemicals commonly found in personal care products here in the U.S. may be causing. (The article specifically mentions a few of the worst offenders including triclosan, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycols, and some of the chemicals found in fragrances – you’ll want to check your products labels after reading about these!)

This is a great article everyone should take a look at to learn what’s really inside the personal care products we buy – and how making smarter choices now can help protect you and your family’s health in the future.