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Big thanks to Carol Lovett of – our guest post and exclusive frittata recipe are now on her site!

Check out our “Dairy Free Bacon, Zucchini & Red Pepper Frittata Recipe” now up on her hugely popular “Ditch The Wheat” blog.

This one is super easy to make and so delicious…not to mention incredibly healthy because it’s loaded with protein and veggies. And of course it’s dairy free, gluten free and 100% paleo.

Print out the recipe and try this one!

We’ll eventually add this Frittata Recipe to our site, but for now go check it out on Ditch The Wheat and have a look around her wonderful blog.

Thanks again Carol!

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  1. Trina, do you think adding some sausage to this would work/be good?

    1. Liz, I think sausage would be awesome! Go for it! :)

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