Paleo Orangesicle Fizz Drink

Just because you’re Paleo doesn’t mean you have to give up those light refreshing drinks you love to chug when you’re hot…

Here’s a really easy recipe for one that’s lighter than a smoothie and full of fresh orange flavor with a little nose-tickling fizz.

I had some huge navel oranges in the fridge just waiting to be used. They were super ripe and juicy. So I decided to see if I could use them to make a fun little summer drink.

I started with fresh-squeezed juice from the oranges. Next I added some unflavored seltzer water, a spoonful of vanilla extract, and a little Stevia sweetener – and viola! The paleo orangesicle fizz was born! Simple as that…and bonus, it really does taste like an orange creamsicle! 

If your not paleo, you may not appreciate how nice it is to have a refreshing drink other than plain old H2O. Or a cocktail for that matter (but that’s for another post!)

So when your craving a real thirst quencher, whip up this refreshing little number!

It’s guaranteed to cool you off and it’s a light summer drink the whole family will love!

Bottoms up! :)

Paleo Orangesicle Fizz Drink Recipe

Paleo Orangesicle Fizz Drink Recipe


  • 1 cup orange juice, fresh-squeezed
  • 1 cup seltzer water
  • 1 to 1-1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Stevia sweetener, to taste
  • Ice


  1. Just stir everything together and enjoy!


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  1. Jamie Rowland Davison
    Jamie Rowland Davison says:

    Thank you sooooo much! My hubby has been asking and asking for a treat type drink he can have on the weekends. We had the necessary ingredients so I just made it for him and he LOVES IT! I did use 1 tbsp maple syrup instead of Stevie though.


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