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What’s hot in the paleo world right now? This section will feature links to the latest news you might find interesting. Most stories will be about the paleo lifestyle, but just about anything health-related could pop up here. Click what interests you for our quick summary and a link to the original story!

Is There A “Write” Way To Lose Weight?

Keeping an accurate account of everything you eat every day seems…
May 18, 2016/by Trina
9 brain benefits of dark chocolate

Can Dark Chocolate Give Your Brain A Boost?

Got chocolate on the brain? You know you love it, but now you…
April 11, 2016/by Trina
10 side effects of poor sleep

10 Reasons You Need to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Tonight

When you don't get enough sleep night after night, you may develop bigger…
February 3, 2016/by Trina

Prevention Magazine Editor Dives Into The Paleo Diet

If you're looking for a really good, unbiased introduction to…
August 27, 2015/by Trina

Writer Rebecca Harrington tried 14 crazy celebrity diets – and lived to tell about it

What’s it like to try Beyoncé’s radical diet and consume…
July 16, 2015/by Trina

8 Ways Avocados Can Help You Be Healthier and Lose Weight

Avocados are by far the fattiest fruit you'll find in your grocery's…
July 13, 2015/by Trina

What Do Food Additives Look Like?

We all know packaged foods that roll off the assembly line…
July 9, 2015/by Trina

10 Popular Restaurant Salads You Shouldn’t Order

What do you do when you’re stuck on the road, getting hungry,…
June 30, 2015/by Trina
couch potato

Let’s Not Get Physical: America’s Inactivity Level At All-Time High

The U.S. is certainly no slouch when it comes to consuming calories.…
June 5, 2015/by Trina
the ugly truth about beauty products

The Ugly Truth About Some Beauty Products

If you’re a regular visitor to Paleo Newbie, I know you're…
May 14, 2015/by Trina

Chipotle Eliminates Genetically-Modified Food From Its Menu

Chipotle Mexican Grill was the first major fast food chain to…
April 28, 2015/by Trina

Too Much Omega-6 May Be Bad For Your Brain

Twenty years ago, former Massachusetts Institute of Technology…
April 14, 2015/by Trina

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