The Big Guide to Fresh & Fast Meal Preps

New Cookbook from Trina is a Sizzling-Hot, 2-in-1 Deal!

You probably noticed I haven’t been churning out a whole lot of recipes for the Paleo Newbie blog lately. Well, I hope you’ll forgive me when you see why…

The Hubs and I were busy finalizing my first ebook that’s now on Amazon – “The Big Guide to Fresh & Fast Meal Preps.”

If you’ve ever wanted to give yourself a few nights off from kitchen duty during the week and still enjoy home-cooked meals that take just a few minutes to serve – this is the how-to guide you need to get.

I’ve been prepping (pre-making) many of my family’s meals since my twins were in grade school – out of necessity! Between working full time and raising the kids mostly on my own, meal prepping became a life-saver for me. And I still meal prep today – lunches nearly every weekday, a few dinners, and something stashed away for a grab-and-go breakfast most mornings. Just a little bit of relaxed cooking on Saturday or Sunday sets me up perfectly for the next week.

I got the inspiration for this unique combo ebook after I started posting some of my meal prep pics on Instagram for fun a year or so ago. A whole lot of over-worked and stressed-out home cooks always wanted to know more about each meal. Well today I’ve got all the details of how to meal prep like a pro for you, neatly packaged in this jam-packed, 140-page meal prep guide and paleo cookbook. You get all the tips, tricks and first-hand advice – everything I could think of to turn you into a meal prepping maniac in no time.

chicken berry salad in The Big Guide to Fresh & Fast Meal Preps

One of my quick Instagram pics of a meal prep. This one is actually in the new “Fresh & Fast” meal guide and cookbook (you’ll see it with a fancier photo on page 75). Chicken berry salad with honey-lime vinaigrette. It will take you maybe five minutes to make.

The other half of the “Fresh & Fast” ebook is a big collection of paleo recipes (80 to be exact) which are all perfect for your make-ahead meals – or just a quick and easy dinner tonight if you like. Many of these paleo recipes are brand-new and exclusive to the “Fresh & Fast” ebook. I’ve got you covered for every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner … plus sides, vinaigrettes, sauces, seasoning blends, snacks – you get everything.

bruschetta chicken Fresh & Fast meal prep skillet recipes

Skillet-roasted bruschetta chicken – one of the new paleo recipes exclusively in the “Fresh & Fast” meal prep ebook. It’s part of the simple meal prep skillet collection, so it’s way easier than it looks. (It’s on page 98 if you want to check it out!)

So this ebook is a “two-fer” for sure … you get the meal prep guide and paleo cookbook all packed into one. Even if you’re not that interested in meal prepping right now, you’ll want a copy just for the new paleo recipes!

My friends tell me I’ve priced “The Big Guide to Fresh & Fast Meal Preps” ebook insanely low – but it’s my way of thanking regular Paleo Newbie website visitors like you. I know you’ll get a lot of value out of it – far exceeding the price and the many months of work that went into it. But you know, that makes me feel good.

Take a second to click over and have a look at the Fresh & Fast guide and cookbook, now exclusively on Amazon!


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