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mashed sweet potatoes (or yams) with butter

Sweet Potatoes vs Yams – What’s The Difference?

Sweet potatoes and yams may be having a real identity crisis. Many people can't tell these two different tubers apart. What's got everyone so confused? Find out here ...
easy paleo recipe for lemon protein balls

Lemon-Coconut Paleo Protein Balls

Treat yourself to this easy paleo and gluten-free recipe...lemon-coconut balls with a few scoops of protein powder. An all-natural treat loaded up with protein...I think you're really going to like these!
easy paleo recipe for salmon wraps with avocado sauce

Grilled Salmon Taco Wraps with Avocado Sauce

Wrap up your next lunch or light dinner in no time with this salmon lettuce paleo wrap. This recipe's packed full of healthy nutrition and overflowing with fresh flavors.
simple paleo and gluten free apple muffin recipe

Chunky Apple Spice Paleo & Gluten-Free Muffins

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for fall right now! Here's a super-easy paleo recipe for moist, warm muffins I think you're really going to love!
easy paleo recipe for strawberry mango chicken salad

Strawberry-Mango Grilled Paleo Chicken Salad

This super-easy salad features my Everyday Seasoning Salt for the grilled chicken, and lots of fresh late-summer fruit. Quick, colorful, healthy and delicious – you've got to try this one!
simple paleo and gluten free seasoning mix

Trina’s Everyday Seasoning Salt

When salt and pepper aren't enough, reach for this supercharged seasoning salt that uses only 8 common ingredients to instantly add a whole new level of flavor to your quick meals.

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