Paleo Teriyaki Meatball Appetizers

“Party hearty” takes on a whole new meaning when you serve these juicy, delicious and really easy paleo meatball appetizers at your next get-together…  Read more

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Simple Paleo Teriyaki Burgers

Looking for a little something different for dinner tonight? Well grill fans, you came to the right place… Read more

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Soy-free Paleo Teriyaki Sauce

One of the flavors I missed most when I switched to paleo a year and a half ago was teriyaki sauce. I love Asian food and I thought if I could find a good soy-free and gluten-free teriyaki recipe, I could use it to liven up a bunch of different paleo dishes… Read more

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Paleo Teriyaki Beef Broccoli

Ready to serve a dish that’s healthy, loaded with flavor and will have everyone asking for the recipe? Read more

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Paleo Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Before going paleo, one of my favorite grab and go lunches was a steaming bowl of teriyaki chicken and rice — extra soy sauce please… Read more