Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes with “Peanut Butter” Frosting

Ooo là là! Bring me a paleo cupcake! I made one of my best discoveries today I’m sure you’re gonna love too… Read more

Beth & Bonnie Bliss Bars

Recently I was presented with a challenge. A friend of many, many years asked me to come up with a recipe and name it after her and another close friend. Hmmm…so I started thinking… Read more

Speaking of Nuts…

So this new client walks into our office today. Seemed like a nice lady – mid 40s I’d say. Our get-acquainted conversation started off harmlessly with some idle chit-chat. Read more

Hacks, And Other Nuts

Haven’t we all had enough of the crazies in this country the past few weeks? Geez. Enough already! So I came home from work today and the hubby asks me “Have you checked your website today?” Read more

Holy Butternut Batman!

So I told my husband what I was calling this post. He said, ‘Really? What does Holy Butternut mean?’ Haven’t you ever watched Batman and Robin, I asked? Geez. Robin always says corny stuff like that. He just sighed, ‘Butternut?…really?’ Read more