Paleo Winter Jewel Guacamole

Avocados and pomegranate seeds sounds like a pretty weird combination I know – but just wait ’til you taste the amazing mash-up of flavors in this easy paleo guacamole recipe! Read more

Paleo Pomegranate Smoothie

How about a nice refreshing change from your typical paleo smoothie?  Read more

Easy Paleo Plantain Chips

If you’re paleo and wish you could enjoy a nice, crispy chip with some guacamole or salsa, here’s a quick and easy potato-like crisp you can make at home with green plantains and a little coconut oil…  Read more

Paleo Avocado-Cilantro-Lime Sauce

This easy paleo sauce makes a fresh and lively dressing for salads, an awesome addition to fish or beef tacos, and it’s perfect for spicing up hot-off-the-grill paleo burgers as a topping. Read more

Plan Ahead for Easy Grab-N-Go Paleo Meals

We all want fast and easy paleo meals…but that usually takes some planning. This weekend I made a stack of paleo tortillas along with a skillet full of breakfast hash from leftovers (sweet potatoes, ground turkey sausage, onions, and some eggs) and then Tupperware’d everything. So before heading off to work this morning, I made a healthy breakfast burrito in a flash! Plan ahead and save yourself hassle and time…a little Monday morning tip for you from Paleo Newbie!