One-Pot Paleo Cookbook – Simple Recipes, Easy Clean Up!

I was so excited to get out of my kitchen, prop up my feet, and devour Jenny Castaneda’s new cookbook: One-Pot PaleoRead more

You don’t have to be married to paleo to achieve your goals

My goal is to gently nudge everyone closer to the paleo lifestyle…one recipe at a time. Read more

Wrap Up Your Next Paleo Meal With This Easy Dish

This is one the first recipes I posted on Paleo Newbie more than 2 years ago…a spicy grilled shrimp wrap along with a homemade fruity salsa that puts it over the top… Read more

Updated Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

I recently tweaked my stuffed peppers recipe I first posted on Paleo Newbie 2+ years ago to make it even tastier…and snapped a more appetizing photo of it too! Read more

Win Kelly Bejelly’s new cookbook: PALEO EATS!

My Portland paleo pal Kelly Bejelly has just come out with a fabulous new paleo cookbook…and I’m going to show you how you could win a soft-bound copy!

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